Nigel Henri exhibits in Düsseldorf / Germany

Nigel Henri gets “once-in-a-lifetime” offer

The German office of ‚Statkraft‘ the ecological energy company from Norway, is offering Seychellois artist Nigel Henri the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of a one year exhibition contract which starts in mid-February 2010 in Düsseldorf.

Nigel prepares for the exhibition in Germany

Every year, several large companies in Germany choose an artist to display his or her work in and around their premises as a way of promoting their businesses. This year, out of a long list of candidates, mostly Germans, Nigel was selected by a panel of 10 art critics and gallery owners recruited by ‘Statkraft’.

According to Henri, who is presently in Seychelles completing his collection bound for Germany, this is the opportunity he has been awaiting for a very long time. During the one year, his collection will be displayed in offices, lounges, restrooms, meeting -rooms reception and guestrooms of that company. He says that two galleries, one in Potsdam and the other in Hamburg have expressed interest to take on board the exhibition once his one year contract is over with ‘Statkraft’.

As a condition, Nigel is expected to have at least 90 paintings before starting to exhibit. Once that requirement is satisfied, he will be paid by a fixed salary every month until the end of the contract.

Upon reflecting on the situation in Seychelles, the artist says that he wonders why big five star hotels here don’t take similar initiatives. Their lack of innovation leaves local talents with no other choice but to rely on work opportunities overseas.

As far as he personally is concerned, he says, the reason he is successful is because he is good at what he does and takes it as no surprise that he is a household name in Germany. He plans to reveal his latest achievements in an exhibition to be called ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’ in June this year. This particular exhibition will take place in Seychelles.

Source: Regar 1-29-10

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